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Acquired Home Services Inc. "Mold Aid" Provides Full Thermal Imaging Inspections utilizing one of the industries best infrared cameras. Thermal Imaging can detect heat loss, moisture, termite activity, bad electrical wires, overloaded electrical breakers, favorable mold areas and more.  In many cases these issues are hidden behind walls and not visible to the human eye.  This technology is a non intrusive way of locating residential and commercial building problems.  It is a useful tool which can protect buyers and owners from unexpected costs and conditions with the dwelling. 
This is a specialty service which can be added to your home or building inspection.  Contact our infrared specialist for more details on this service
Energy Audits
Thermal imaging can be used to validate the performance and quality of insulation in homes and commercial buildings. With the ever-increasing costs of heating, the return on investing in an energy audit and subsequent repairs becomes more and more compelling. Many homeowners today request thermographic inspection services as part of the overall home inspection program.
Mold and Moisture Detection
There has been an increased awareness of the danger of mold in homes, office buildings and schools and the resulting health impact on individuals. The effect of mold on health is dependent upon the concentration of spores in the immediate area and the allergic reaction to the individual. Potential health problems associated with mold exposure can take the form of allergic reactions or asthma. In addition to incidental moisture egress, the near catastrophic impact of flooding on commercial buildings has created an entire remediation industry. Thermal imaging permits building owners and insurance companies to identify the extent of water damage, and, by delivering rapid drying or remediation services, to save in building restoration.
Pest Control
Termite damage in the United States alone is estimated at over $750 million with similar impact in other parts of the world. Thermal imaging is becoming a widely deployed inspection tool in the war on these destructive pests. Termites need moisture to survive. Termites bring and create moisture in wall panels and structural and decorative timbers. Thermal imaging can be used to identify the presence of this moisture. In the hands of a trained inspector, a thermal imager permits the detailed scan of a structure to determine the extent of the infestation.
Roofing Inspection
Thermal imaging of flat roof systems is an extremely cost effective technique for evaluating the integrity of a wide range of built-up roofs and for ultimately reducing the cost of roof maintenance and repair. Proper maintenance must begin even before leaks are evident inside the building since surface damage to the outer membrane can cause water to be absorbed into sub-surface insulation layers. The amount of retained water can be significant and result in major structural deterioration near the leak location as well as to otherwise healthy roof areas. Thermal imaging techniques quickly locate the areas where retained moisture is trapped in subsurface insulation allowing immediate targeted repair of only the damaged areas. By exploiting the differences in thermal capacitance of moist and dry roof areas, retained moisture in these roof systems can be quickly located.